With more than 15 years combined experience in relocation, Diana de La Soujeole and Kristine Weber, the two partners of Sigma Relocation, decided to join forces and found Sigma Relocation.

Diana de La Soujeole, Managing Partner
British, 4 adult children, has lived in South Africa, Paris and Toulouse, before arriving in Geneva in 1984. After studying art history at Geneva University, Diana began a new career in relocation in 1999. She founded Sigma Relocation in February 2008.
Kristine Weber, Managing Partner
Born in Belgium, Norwegian citizen, 4 children, was moved with her family for professional reasons to Switzerland in 1980. After studying in Geneva, she worked in Human Resources before branching out into relocation in 2002. She founded Sigma Relocation in February 2008.
Bettina Yadigaroglu, Relocation Specialist
Born in Germany, 3 children, has grown up in Geneva. After her studies in Geneva she has worked for many years in communication and advertising before joining Sigma Relocation in January 2009.
Edward de La Soujeole, Administration and Accounting Manager